OUR VISION is to make physical and mental well-being of each client/student a prime consideration. We shell use hypnotist strictly within the limits of our training, competence, and in conformity to the laws of their State/Country.

ABOUT TRAINING, LECTURES & SEMINARS Julius Kovacs is offering on-campus Quit Smoking, Stress Management, Motivational Leadership, and Self-Hypnosis Seminars.  He is also offering 1-Day Rapid, Stage, & Street Hypnosis Inductions courses, NGH Hypnotherapist Certifications, & Stage Training  Certifications for people who are interested in hypnosis worldwide. Mr. Kovacs has earned a psychology degree at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada in 1998 and practicing hypnosis for over 17 years. He is also a trainer at N.G.H. and at Hypnothoughs Live. Hypnosis training is available worldwide.

2-Day Basic Hypnosis Courses. Cost: $400 per person, plus expenses depending on locations. 10+ people.

1_Day Stage, Rapid, & Street Hypnosis Inductions. Cost: $450 per person, plus expenses depending on locations. 12+ people.

2-Day Stage Hypnosis Training. Cost: $1000 per person, plus expenses depending on locations. 5+ people.

Hypnosis Lecture, Las Vegas 2015

2-Day Stage Hypnosis Training, Las Vegas, NV, 2014

Quit Smoking Seminar,Tufts University, Medford, MA 2013

Szolnok, Hungary, Europe, Stage Hypnosis Training 2015

Hypnosis Stage & Street Inductions, Las Vegas, NV 2015

Hypnosis Stress Management Demo at Nichols Village, Groveland, MA 2014