Comedy hypnotist Julius G. Kovacs has been in the field of hypnotism for over 17 years, holding a degree in psychology, and hypnotizing thousands in Canada, Europe, and in many of the States. Mr. Kovacs is one of the fastest hypnotists of our time who demonstrates his skills in Las Vegas, NV, Europe in shows and conferences.

His stage shows are very unique and fascinating to all audiences. The volunteers are always become the stars of the show and their memories would last forever. Mr. Kovacs treats his audiences with the utmost respect. He easily transmits his longtime love for one of the world's most entertaining performing art, hypnosis!

Mr. Kovacs has appeared on radio in FL, and on the Hungarian national TV in Budapest, Europe. He is a member, lecturer, and trainer of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the world's largest hypnosis organizations.